Guess what, guess what?

I sold my first watercolor! :)
I've never sent a 12 x 12 framed piece before, so it was a bit of a struggle finding a box, but then I remembered the pide* place at the top of our street uses plain white pizza boxes.
I brought the piece over to them and they were quite interested in helping me find an appropriately sized box; finally we determined that a 16 inch box was the best size, and they gave it to me for free!
So then I put it in its clear plastic sleeve, bundled it up in bubble sheets and tucked it into firmly packed papers. And now it's on its way.
I never thought I'd be selling my watercolors!
Hurray! :)

*Pide - is a Turkish take on Pizza. It's something like pizza dough, stretched out into a long oval; the fillings are put in a line down the middle, and then the edges are folded over. They do sell some typically Western fillings to appeal to those without adventurous palettes, but where they really shine is when they fill to their tastes. Ground lamb and mint and other yummy things, tender vegetables, seasonings and feta cheese, SO DELICIOUS. And they come with wedges of fresh lemon, raw onion rings, hot peppers and curly parsley. If you add those things to your selection it's even better! Wait. I'm hungry now... :)

Kit Lang

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