World Watercolor Month, Day 22

A note before we begin.  I have recently switched to a new blog: Kit Lang Art, from the former Kit Lang Fiber Art. As must be obvious to long time followers, I have switched from quilts, to art quilts, to mixed media fiber work, and now work on paper. Goodness only knows where I may end up next, so I decided a name that encompasses all that I do, as well as all that I may do in the future makes more sense. I would have gone with just "Kit Lang" but unfortunately, the name is not available. So Kit Lang Art it is!

Now on to the watercolour...

I was trying something different today with both the style of this painting and the method - the "sky" is meant to convey both sky and and leaves in a sort of abstract way, and the look of it was modeled on another artist's style (who I shall not name here as they would probably be horrified. lol)

l had a lot of trouble with the frisket (a product used to preserve white areas) on this piece, and it actually ripped the paper in some parts, which gave the piece rather more texture than I intended.

I'm going to re-visit the same subject matter tomorrow and try painting it a different way.

See you then!


P.S. - I'm going to be adding all of the watercolor posts to this new blog so there's some content here. I'm backdating them so they *shouldn't* show up in your readers and feeds, but if they do - I apologize in advance for the "double dipping"!

Kit Lang

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  1. this one certainly shows your experimentation and move to other ways of presenting your "pictures"....some possibilities here, yet it feels very much like a part of a learning journey and I want to see the "getting to the end of the road" painting... Kristin