World Watercolor Month - Day 24

Last night I decided to paint something "really fast". I had been working on a fiber project so it was about 11:00 p.m. when I started, and I didn't want to get to bed really late.
I didn't do a preliminary drawing, just worked wet on wet loosely following a reference photo.
By 12:30 the painting was done, photos were taken and cropped, and it was ready to be blogged!
So I think the painting took about an hour - my fastest yet. And I'm happy with the result! Yay!
See you tomorrow.

Kit Lang

1 comment:

  1. Kit,
    I love the textures you accomplished in this painting. The colors are warm and pull me visually in to take a good look...and the texture you created with the grasses...just wonderful. This one has some of the "magic" I always see in your fiber, in this case, was very successful.