World Watercolor Month, Day 3

Today's painting is a little bear who is, very soon, I feel, going to make himself a flower crown. :)

As to the painting itself, after yesterday's post, I realized when looking at it, that I wasn't taking advantage of the properties of watercolor paint. I was treating it like it was fabric (laying the paint on thickly, trying to create texture); resulting in a painting that looked very much as if I had made it out of textile.

So today, I decided to begin to learn how to use the "water" portion of watercolour.

I feel like my execution isn't up to my expression. I had a LOT of trouble with that little bear, who looks more like a teddy bear than a real bear.  I would have preferred a more realistic looking watercolour-y bear. lol I don't know if you know what I mean, but *I* know what I mean!

Anyway - tomorrow's another chance to try again. :O)


Kit Lang

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