A finish! Caramel

I completed this little luscious bunny last night - so sweet, I had to call it "Caramel". :)
I'm pleased with the luscious bun, but also with the solution I came up with as to which location he was going to be sitting in.

AND - I finished my dress - it was down to the wire, actually - completed late on Thursday night for a wedding on Friday. Phew!

It was my nephew's wedding, and was one of the most beautiful weddings I've been too. Personal and beautiful, it was really lovely. And I unknowingly matched the d├ęcor, which was hilarious. :D
Next up over here- some fiber work. Yay!
For sale: $60 unframed, $90 matted and framed, plus shipping.
8 x 8 inches, St. Petersburg colour and light fast watercolour paint on 140lb cotton rag.

Kit Lang


  1. Love the bunny. So sweet. Mary Ann

  2. Kit, You have found not only a placement solution, but created a magnificent piece of painting...your art flows in paint and in cloth!