Work in Progress...

At the end of World Watercolor Month, I said that in addition to working on improving my watercolour painting, I’m going to try to get through my fiber related WIPs.
My goal is to start the new year having left nothing behind, and to begin 2017 focusing only on my new direction. We’ll see if that actually transpires…
I have so many WIPs (BIG ones), that a more realistic goal may be to “start fresh”  in 2017.  But I don’t want to wait that long!
So, complete the pieces in progress as I originally intended them? Incorporate the new direction in them if I can? Chuck ‘em?
I don’t know the answers yet, but in the meantime, I’ve gone back to work on this one, which has been languishing in my studio, 90% completed, since January.
“That’s not so bad.” you may be thinking. But, uh, that’s January, 2015.
Will I manage to finally finish it this month?
Stay tuned! :)

Kit Lang


  1. Mmmm. Thought at first it was a maple leaf. Now I see it for what it is...and am even more looking forward to seeing where you're taking this! :-)

  2. Living with WIPs! A whole blog post in itself! Xx