Still working on it...

As you may remember, I was working on machine stitching on bark a little while ago.
I've been doing more work on this project, including,  as you can see here, some hand stitching. Although this is thin bark,  it's quite difficult to get through by hand, (who knew?), so it's been slow going.
I work on it for an hour or two, and when my hands can't take it anymore, I put it away for a week or two. Lol I'm punishing it for hurting me! ;)
Eventually, this piece will be done - it will go faster if I stitch in the correct direction - unlike here, where the branch is going towards the bottom of the pip rather than the top. Oops!
Did you see the moon last night? It was incredibly beautiful wasn't it? That rusty red lusciousness will be the subject of many a photograph. I was going to run in and get my phone, but instead, I called to BSP to come out and see it, and we shared it with each other, instead of all of you.
Good Solstice and Happy Chanukah!
Talk soon,

Kit Lang

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