What Lies Beneath

Hi everyone. Since I've been showing you stuff recently, I thought I'd show you this, too.

I started it back in 2013 and some of you may remember these little critters which I posted at the time. However, I never posted the finished piece as that was when I plunged into a year-long depression.

During my studio clean up last week, I found the completed piece rolled up on a noodle in a cloth bag so I decided to mount it for sale.

At the time, one of the things that was causing my depression was what we have done (and continue to do) to the earth.

The flowering lungs are representative of what once was - our land and groundwater, abundant, healthy and clean.
In contrast, the side that's dying is testament to the effects of the pollution and chemicals running through the ground (pictured above them). Those poisons are in our groundwater and our earth, affecting everything that grows in it, and every being who eats and drinks from it.

Meanwhile, the innocent creatures sleeping above, are unaware of what we have done to our planet. We too, although not innocent, are also "asleep", and have been for far too long.

It's 16 x 58 inches and is currently hanging in our hall where the natural light comes from the side (which is why the bad lighting!) 
From the summer of 2013, 'What Lies Beneath'.


Kit Lang


  1. I remember you working on this and I'm so happy to see it finished! It's very powerful and immediately brings to mind the interconnected nature of our earthly ecosystems.

  2. This is a beautiful work of art, Kit, and the sentiment that was the inspiration for it is more than relevant today. Many of us are experiencing the same kind of feelings about our big blue marble.

  3. Kit, It is wonderful to see that you are at a place where the completion of this fine piece has been accomplished. So much detail with deeply touching the soul feelings coming to the surface for me. Bravo, my friend. This is a masterful creation.

  4. I too remember that piece...but didn't realize it 'kick-started' a period of depression for you. I too have experienced bouts of grief and depression over things that are (mainly) outside my control. It's good to try to do the best one can and 'bloom where you're planted'...It is indeed a lovely statement, though, and one that needs to be heard on a regular basis. I hope it finds a home where it can teach its message -- quiet but clear -- so that all 'who have ears to hear' may indeed hear! Hugs!