In spite of it all, ordinary life continues...

An Ontario Honeybee pictured for reference as I worked
In the aftermath of my journey home; I should be busy in my studio.
Lord knows I have deadlines fast approaching for commissions, I would like to actually SHOW something this year (can you believe I`ve missed TWO show seasons!?) and many of the deadlines for show season have already passed, so I really should finish something already!
But my mind has been so busy: thinking through feelings, mapping, making connections, questioning, positing answers; busy, busy, busy! It has left no time, and no feeling for art.

a small selection of some painted papers I have on hand...
Nevertheless, I knew I had to get my mojo running somehow. Often, I can do that by doing something else "artsy" which acts as a prompt for my art brain. I tried making a couple of sleeping masks (I'll post those another time); I tried doing some hand embroidery, and then I tried doing some bead embroidery which I hadn't done since February of 2016!
Finally, a couple of nights ago, I decided to work on an experiment I had been thinking about in a loose kind of way for several months. An idea I had for stitching on paper.

Well, not only did my idea work out quite well; but it has indeed gotten my motor running again.

Phew!!! :)

I never show the backs of pieces because people don't flip over paintings to see what's on the back, and why should they with fiber work or mixed media (?!); but flipping over the back was important in this case because I needed to iron on some fusible.

More tomorrow I think - providing my painted canvas that I'm going to mount this on is dry!

Kit Lang

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  1. I'm so sympathetic to your no-feeling-for-art-ness, and glad you're finding some small things to get your juices flowing again! I didn't have a chance to comment on your post about your family today, but it was very moving to read about your journey and I can't imagine how much brain processing you're doing. Thank you so much for sharing it with us and I'll send you encouraging art-positive vibes as you go forward!