On Monday, after a bit of rambling (lol), I told you about the thought process behind the learning tool for the Black Women's Collective.

A group of women sitting in a living room, discussing how to save the world.

Last year, when I started planning out these learning tools, I decided early on, that I would make my initial sketch the exact size of the finished piece.

Normally, my sketch is about the half the size, and I have to enlarge it significantly when making the actual piece.

In this case, the sketches serve as a pattern for the entire piece.

I trace the initial sketch as above, and then cut out the pieces to use a template for my fabric as in th original picture.

And here is a view from the back, where you can see that the piece is beginning to come together!

Finished piece on Friday!

See you then. :)

Kit Lang

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  1. It is grand to see your process in words and photos...this is a wonderful piece...Friday is on the calendar to see the front!