Toronto Black Women's Collective

Ta da! The final learning tool for the Toronto Black Womens' Collective.

Throughout, you'll see their interests, slogans and accomplishments; and to me, the most significant thing they did (other than start Canada's First Black Women's Newspaper), was how they galvanized people to action. They initiated, led and participated in SO. MANY. marches. They were the inspiration for others.

Here's a couple of close ups. :)

If you're interested in learning more about Toronto Black Womens' Collective, you can watch the documentary Sisters In The Struggle about them, through the National Film Board of Canada, HERE; and learn more about the Collective itself (including being able to read copies of the newspaper they started, Our Lives, HERE

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Next week, I'll show you the another one in this group of learning tools.

Until then!

Kit Lang


  1. I love this- you've captured so much energy and expression in what might have been a fairly static pose. And so great to share some of their accomplishments for those who might not know. Awesome!

  2. Kit, The front is wonderful...I knew that the layout of the people was just right from your reverse photo; here on the front is detail so expertly crafted to make each woman unique in all aspects of her appearance. And the inclusion of their names and the scope of the focus of their work and attention all incorporated expertly. You have made a grand piece of artwork in cloth and stitch...kudos, my friend.

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