So about nobody being interested

I was out for lunch yesterday, and chose a table by the window so I would have good light for stitching when I finished eating.

I had been doing so for a little while when my light was suddenly blocked. I looked up, and there was a woman standing there, looking interestedly at what I was doing.

So I held it up so that she could see.

She gave me an enthusiastic smile and made "applause" motions with her mittened hands. I smiled back, and mouthed "thank you".

"Happy new year!" she mouthed back.

"And to you!" I said.

And then she went on her way.

The exchange took all of a minute, but it warmed me the rest of the day.

I guess I still feel a little toasty today, too.   😊

Talk soon,


Kit Lang


  1. There ya go. I had a feeling your earlier thoughts on working in public didn't quite ring true, at least in my experience. So happy you had this little exchange, a true kindness from a stranger. :-)

  2. And the story of her encouraging you, warming your heart, has encouraged me and warmed mine too. Happy Saturday! :-)

  3. what a fine story, Kit. For all those hesitant moments, I will remember this one and trust that it is the new normal...I would love wome of that sweet, quiet, positive support messaging...very special, indeed.

  4. It's the little things isn't it. I'm a constant public stitcher when I can and love all the comments.