Photo shows a Canadian artist in the wee hours of Sunday night - about to head to bed* 


Since we spoke last (uhhhhh…3 weeks ago?); the following happened.  

I was at work, and all of a sudden, I started getting vertigo. My desk would rush up at me every time I sat down or looked away from the screen, I was sweating and nauseated, and when I got up to go the bathroom I was staggering around like a drunken sailor.

I had broken my glasses that morning, so I thought it had something to do with my vision being borked.  I made an appointment to see my opthamologist that afternoon, and left work early.

I went home, lay down and tried to make the world stop spinning – got up later to go to my appointment and ordered my new glasses, and then went back home to bed.

The next morning I woke up with the same symptoms.

Same thing the next morning, and the next and the next.

By this time it was the weekend, and I was fully expecting to go back to work on Monday.  But on Monday morning I was no better, in fact, I was worse - with an ongoing fever added to the mix. I tried to make an appointment with my family doctor, but she wasn't available until the next day, so I called in nearly dead for two more days.

The next day I went to my doc and found out that I had a severe ear infection; hence the vertigo, nausea, imbalance, fever, etc. She told me that I would need another TWO weeks off work (!) and sent me home with a fistful of prescriptions and a "stay in bed" order.

I'm now back at work.  I'm not quite myself yet (I still get dizzy when I get up too quickly or when I roll over in bed or get out of bed); and I had a bout of quite severe nausea and fever yesterday, but I'm more or less okay.

In GOOD news since we talked last, I sold "Starling in Hawthorne" and received two commissions.  Yay!

For whatever reason, I tend to get most of my commissions in February/March; I work on them through June/July; take the summer off, and then try to get back into an art practice in the fall. 

This year, I had hoped to get into a regular studio practice and never mind the rest of it, but my commissions started coming in early. I'm not complaining – and perhaps this means that I won't get any in March (although I hope that doesn't happen!); but this is why there will be a lack of posting over the next little while as I try to catch up/get going/produce work!

I'm also trying to make a gift for a friend – the original plan was that I would dash that off over the last couple of weeks of January, but now that needs to be put on the back burner and stuck in - maybe at the end of this month? 

So… see you soon? I don't know. I hope so! :) :) :) I was enjoying talking with you all of you again.

* P.S. amazed that my all day lipstick really did last all day! It's Colourpop - an American brand out of California with a very friendly price point. If you like make-up (I LOVE it lol) check it out! :)

Kit Lang


  1. Congrats on the new commissions! But that illness sounds awful! I hope you're really better!! Also, your lipstick looks great. :)

  2. Whoa! You've been through the mill! Glad you are well on the road to recovery...and congratulations on the sale and the commissions. Take care...and yes, your lipstick is terrific!