It occurred to me that I should either delete this blog (or perhaps the other one) or actually post.

As I typed that, I realized that what I SHOULD do is delete THIS blog (i.e. the Kit Lang Art blog) and go back to posting on the Kit Lang FIBER art blog, because who am I kidding? I have a bunch of blogs and a website and I don’t really post on any of them. May as well keep the one that actually has followers and a long history of content! 

So as if that wasn’t a confusing enough entry – this blog is going to be posted at both kitlangart.blogspot.com, and kitlangfiberart.blogspot.com and I’m going to delete the former.  Hahah. HI.

in this photo, I was trying to decide between cloth birch trees (centre) and paper birch trees (outer trees)
I thought the creamier colour of the cloth would show up better on this piece, but nope - paper it is!

Speaking of content, do people actually read blogs anymore? I know I drifted away from reading them a few years ago, and stopped posting at about the same time.

And then in the ensuing years, I have mostly (only) worked on commission work, and not much else.  When I was blogging, I produced a lot of work because I was worried about producing “content” for my readers – an obligation that I had a love/hate relationship with. 

And then I decided that producing content as an obligation to people who didn’t know me was a silly way to live my life so decided to post whenever I felt like it and to hell with the obligation.  And well, here we are. No content at all.  Ooops.

As you can see, I've added some texture, colour, and branches to the birch trees. 
More hand-stitched branches (and leaves!) will follow

In part though, this dénouement has not only been about content, but about a concern with “engagement”, and whether it was worth the time and effort of producing content for a blog when the “engagement” was so low.  Such is social media in our time.  When I first started blogging 20 years ago now (! – although my first blog had nothing to do with fiber art), I figured I was talking to myself , and was not only astonished, but a bit put out when I got my first comment.  

I had actually *liked* talking to myself and was upset that there were people reading what I was writing.  Ah, the innocence.  lol

Anyway, fast forward 20 years and I’ve had FIVE fiber art blogs, most of which have gone by the wayside.  Some of you may remember good old “Diva Quilts” – that was my very first fiber art blog, focussed specifically on quilts as that’s what I was doing.  After I got into fiber art, I started “Coneflowers in Leslieville” – the name of my very first “art quilt”, but I found that keeping up the two blogs was too much work.  So I started ANOTHER blog – kitlangfiberart which was where I decided to do all things fiber art related, and made that my new home.

Here, I've added some grasses and ferns - more of the same in both cloth and hand-stitch will follow...

I got rid of Coneflowers in Leslieville  - well strictly speaking, I folded it and the content from what was now divaquilts.com into the kitlangfiberart blog, and stayed there for many years.

What’s funny though, is that to date, Diva Quilts had the most engagement out of any blog or site in my fiber art history. (I did have another “lifestyle” blog under another name that had a HUGE following back in the early days of the internet.) But diva quilts remains such a popular name, that all these years later if I wanted to buy back my old domain name, I would have to pay over $3,000 for it!

Related: there’s a guy who lives in my city who’s an actor who has the same first and last name that I do.  For a few years, he had the domain name kitlang.com which made me gnash my teeth somewhat. When he finally let it go, I tried to buy it, but it was selling for over $1,000 which seemed to me to be a ridiculous amount of money.  I just checked, and now our combined star power makes the domain name worth $2,300.  lol  I should have stuck with Diva Quilts!

Blah, blah, how I do go on!

The progress...

Anyway, all of this is to say, that I think I’m going to try and start blogging again, because doing so forced me to be less lazy about producing work. I don’t think I’ll ever go back to blogging 3 times a week, but maybe if I blogged twice a month, that would make me actually get off my ass and do some work. 

Because I am a bear of very little brain, and also because I am of the personality type that when you start doing one thing, you start doing another, and another, until you eventually become overwhelmed and collapse and do nothing - I’m actually taking a course which requires a lot of memory work (which is not my strong suit!), so of course I want to start blogging and producing more work outside of commissions.  Just when I have all the time in the world.  FYI, I also want to start going more regularly to the gym and join a choir.  Can you hear me laughing at myself? lol

Some lint that was in my sewing machine.  Hahah kidding! This is actually some roving which will be
 needlefelted and made into some little creatures...content for the next post perhaps!

So... all of which to say, I am hoping to be blogging again more regularly, however, not here (if where you’re reading this is kitlangart.blogspot.com) because I’m totally serious about deleting this blog. Which I will do just as soon as I have time to move the content over. HAHAHAHAHA.

But if you’re reading this at kitlangfiberart.blogspot.com, I will try to blog more regularly here, so who knows, you may see some “content” here, whether you actually “engage” with it or not. And perhaps I’ll occasionally blog over on my proper website kitlangart.com, which believe it or not, has a blog too – although I only ever put place holder content there and have never updated it since.

And if I’m talking to myself as I did back in the old days, that will be okay too. 

I’ll just wave to myself and tell me I’m doing a good job.


 Okay bye! 

Kit Lang

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