Merry Halloweenie?

If you follow me on in IG or FB, you've seen these already, but I promised I'd do a process post, so here it is!

A couple/three years back I was doing a commission for a collector and and we were testing backgrounds for a large piece. I did a bunch of 5 x 7 inch tests (mostly pinky sunset/sunrises), photographed them and forwarded them to the collector. He chose the one he wanted, and we went from there. 

(The photo above is my initial sketch, a headless deer, and fabric glue EVERYWHERE. lol I posted it to my IG, and Lisa Chin, replied "Oh deer" lol - which became the name of this piece.)

 (Deer has a head again, and it's in an embroidery frame, ready to go!)

I had all of these tests of painted acrylic on wee canvases, but didn’t know what to do with them, so I tucked them away.

Cut to, I was at IKEA this fall, and happened to notice they had all of these small, fat frames on sale for $10 each. I wasn’t positive, but I thought those little tests would fit in them quite nicely (even though IKEA frames are European sizes, not North American sizes, so they’re always slightly off); so I grabbed ten of them and brought them home. 

It turned out that if I put some stuffing in the inside, the opening of the mat was just the right size.

(Making progress!)

Since then, I have lost and found the frames, and then the tests, and then the frames, and then the tests. Lol

BUT, as you know from my last (?) post, I did a studio reorganization recently, and found the tests, AND the frames, and had them both at the same time! Miracles never cease. Hah. 

(At this point, I felt like it was done-ish. But the more I looked at it, the more it seemed to be missing something!)

So I put them on my worktable, and found some time recently to start playing with them. I thought I would offer them up as inexpensive holiday gifts. :)

And as you can see, it needed just a little more grass, and a little pop of red!

This piece has already sold.

Talk soon!

Kit Lang


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