Studio Tour

I promised to do a studio tour 5 years ago, so here it is! LOL

It's never been clean enough, perfect enough, arranged's never actually reached my "vision"of what I wanted my studio to look like, but as I was reorganizing and rearranging a couple/few weeks ago, I realized that it's never actually going to look like that. Alas.

So here it is. Four hundred and fifty square feet, stuffed to the gills in all its glory!

I realized when I was uploading this photo that I didn’t take one of when you actually enter the studio and see what it looks like as you come around the corner. Ooops!

Anyway, this a view of the back wall - you can see my mostly covered wall of thread (Lol) Behind that brown particle board (which is my photo “wall” when draped with white cloth) is a heavy duty shelving unit with all my sewing machines on it - and beside them are 3 baskets of fabrics I use to make trees. I make a lot of trees! You may have noticed. :)

This is where I am most of the time - sketching, making notes, cutting fabric, painting fabric, painting paper, sorting, etc. This is my main work table. 

The one over there (points at fabric covered table with all the plants) is where my digital cutter is (orange plastic covered thingy under the plants) and where I do any work on the computer. Sometimes I sketch there if I’m working in the studio in the mornings. It’s also where I do my make up before work every day, which is why there’s a mirror there! Lol 

As you probably noticed, the base of that work table is small dressers, which are filled with fabric scraps. Each drawer contains a particular colour. There's a small shelving unit underneath it in the middle that has wire baskets full of painted fabrics. There's another one of those shelving units under the main work table that has painted papers in it.

To the left of the work table is a tall skinny thing that has all of my sewing patterns in it. It is JAM. PACKED. I need a new one of those cabinets, but IKEA doesn't make them anymore. *cries*

The white shelving unit on the right is usually more packed with stuff, but in my reorganization, I purged a lot.  Right now it has yardage for clothes, and boxes and boxes and boxes and boxes and BOXES of beads, as well as some small art WIPs. Don't worry - those empty shelves will fill up again soon! 

This is my new prize, my industrial Necchi sewing machine. I’ve been wanting one for a long time and finally got one. She stitches a crazy amount of stitches per minute (5,000!) so she’s pretty intimidating  - I expect that I’ll have at least one visit to the hospital having stitched through my finger - but I lurrrvvvee her.

She only does straight stitch, and I already bought her a darning foot so I can free motion. I’ll get a walking foot later, and I’ll have everything I need in her.  *looks at her with heart eyes*

The little black drawer/shelving units to the right are filled up with all the embroidery floss in the world, because I'm a hoarder. There, I said it. Haha!

I think I already showed you this credenza/sideboard thingy, which is currently full of fabric - the drawers are filled with all those little bits and bobs that tend to need corralling in small places.

This is where I sit and embroider - I don't know where my large floor embroidery frame is, but you can see my lap one on the book shelf if you look closely.  The bookshelf contains all of my reference materials.

The desk on the left  of the bookcase has been covered with mosaic tile and has a little kiln on top of it, because sometimes I play with clay. ;)

Behind that, stuffed into the corner are some LARGE wips rolled on pool noodles that I intend to get back to some day!

Those of you who remember when we first moved here, the floor was white-painted floorboards, which turned out to be really impractical  (I think I've lost a thousand pins and needles in the cracks over the last five years); so when I did my recent reorganization, I put down these bamboo area rugs.

They were a breeze to cut to fit with a utility knife, then I nailed them down with tiny finishing nails. They'll pull up easily when we move again (I tested), and now there no more lost pins!

That space in front of the chair and book shelf is quite a bit bigger than it looks - maybe 6 or 7 feet by 10 or 11 feet - so that's where I do my pilates when I do my pilates. lol

And that's it. The big studio tour. :)  Hope you enjoyed seeing my messy, happy, dreamy space.

Kit Lang


  1. Yes, I did enjoy the tour! Thanks for sharing with us!

  2. Hey Kit. Love your studio. Blessings