On the worktable...

Truth be told, my worktable is pretty messy right now. 

Currently, I'm working on a number of projects, including this: a watercolour piece on fabric, 

It was something that turned out rather badly initially, and I must confess, I behaved rather badly about it initially (!); but after a pout, I decided to try and tart it up with machine and hand stitch, as well a some beading and embroidery.  So far so good, but I'm going to take a break from it for now to focus on World Watercolor Month. 

I have an idea that I'm going to be spending a lot more time combining watercolor and textile, and I've decided that the best way to get better at that is to actually learn how to paint watercolor on paper first!

Also of note: my art has been/is moving in a new direction. One that incorporates not only textile and textile work, but also work on and with paper. As a result, I've decided that Kit Lang Art is a more useful name than Kit Lang FIBER art. 

So, welcome to the new blog. :) 

And beginning tomorrow - welcome to a one month of watercolor!

Kit Lang

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