World Watercolor Month, Day 1

So, here we are with Day 1 of World Watercolor Month.

I imagined these two little hares sneaking out for a night-time adventure as my brother and I once did when we were about 8 years old.

He and I had decided we were going to run away, and after our other brother was asleep, we met in the hallway - me with my tiny red suitcase and a favourite doll, and he with a bag of candy and two cans of pop.

With these provisions in hand, we crept out into the night. We lived in a rural area, so there were no streetlights, only the moon to light our way. Our plan was to run away to our Tante Ani,but it didn't take very long (as the warm lights of our home grew fainter and colder in the distance), for us to become more and more frightened of the dark and its imagined terrors.

We got perhaps a thousand meters from our house, before we decided that it would be best to run away when the sun was high.

We hurried back home, only to find we hadn't been missed, so we crept back into our beds, and decided that perhaps it was best that no one ever knew we had run away.

I imagined these little hares were braver than we were, and actually managed to have an adventure before they hopped back safely to their beds.

See you tomorrow!


Kit Lang

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