World Watercolor Month - Day 21

Back to basics - errr... bunnies, I mean; today my focus was on that "Spend 50% of your time drawing, your painting will never get better than your drawing". 

So I spent at least 50% of my time drawing this little one, and I think both the painting and the drawing turned out rather well. 

But the grass didn't. I painted some grasses, and then decided to add some more, and some more...and before I knew it, they had gotten out of control and just stopped working. I  believe that's what more experienced and accomplished watercolourists call "overworking" a piece.


But the little bunny (one of many I see on my bike ride into work most days) is quite lovely. I just wanna smooch his little face!


Kit Lang

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  1. hmmm, I posted a comment the other day and it vanished - guess I shall wait for your new blog to settle in before posting thoughts...good fortune on the new blog