World Watercolor Month, Day 25

(I'm really behind. lol)

So, yesterday, I painted plein air for the very first time! I was a bit nervous thinking about doing it, because I imagined people staring at my work while I was doing so, and I'm not good enough.

But when BSP and I got there, we found a bench a bit out of the way, with this nice view of Ashbridges Bay, and I started working and got so into it, that I was only aware one time of a someone watching me. He smiled at me encouragingly, and that was it.

So it turned out to not be nerve-wracking at all. It was a BEAUTIFUL day, warm and sunny with a lovely breeze - BSP sat beside me and read, and we occasionally talked about what was going on around us (there were in fact, tonnes of people around, but I decided not to put them in my painting); and I had a really lovely time!

I also did a painting for "Day 26" which was a really nice drawing and I TOTALLY wrecked it with my painting. But I had some learnings. :)

Anyway - tomorrow I'll post my Day 31 painting, which I've really been working on all week (over three evenings) and then that will be it for World Watercolor Month. \

See you tommorrow!

Kit Lang


  1. Kit, I so love the movement you have achieved in the water...and the sky feels like it is right over my head. Seems to me to be something that could oh so easily be executed in fiber...simple, but very nice

  2. You're right - this would work well on fabric. It would be so pretty with some extra stitching. :)