World Watercolor Month, Day 31

Day 31!

Amazing that this month is over. As you may have guessed, I totally fell in love with watercolor.

Here's the month all together (except for this last day).

I'm going to return to some fabric work now, but there will definitely be watercolor in my future which I'll continue to post here.

I'll be working at getting better at watercolor on paper so I can transfer it to fabric, and I see a future in which I work on both paper and fabric - with a little embroidery and beading thrown in here and there. ;)

I'm revamping my studio to incorporate space for all of these things, and do a de-stashing of things I haven't used in years. I'm hoping that I'll be able to show you the finished studio by the end of September; after all it's only been 2 years and a bit since I moved in and haven't shown you a single peek!

I'll also be working on finishing up some pieces that I began months (or even years!) ago; some new mixed media work, and I'll be posting some results from my drawing classes too.

I'm looking forward to a busy and creative fall and early winter; and to sharing it all with you.

But in the meantime, let's get through the summer shall we?

Talk soon,


Kit Lang


  1. Hi Kit,
    So glad you are having fun with watercolours ! You ar certainly off to a good start !

  2. What pure delight it has been to follow along with your watercolor explorations and learnings...I find some amazing similarities in these paintings to your work with fiber and beads and can imagine well how you will incorporate the two arenas going forward. Thank you for the big month of sharing!