Unnamed Watercolour

So, this is a funny one. Not funny “ha ha”; but funny as in “Baroo?”  lol
Although I’m not much of a “class taker”, I have been taking a water colour class with a particular teacher fairly regularly. It happens at a lovely retreat centre, the teacher is quite nice, we have a pot luck lunch and I get to play in nature with some like-minded people (usually, it’s all women.) All in all it's a very enjoyable day, and I don't put pressure on myself to finish the class with something sale-worthy at the end of the day.

A couple of months ago, I signed up for a class and showed up on the appointed day, but found out that I had unexpectedly signed up for something different. This class was also watercolour, but it was for a particular technique using watercolour crayons, and it wasn’t something I would have signed up for had I known.
It took me a bit to get over that – I’m a Virgo and I don’t roll with change very well - but once I stopped inwardly pouting; and once I let my preconceived ideas go (I had been planning to work on a willow-by-the-river scene and this technique didn’t lend itself to that!); I picked up the watercolour crayon and started playing with it.

Throughout most of the day I really had no idea where I was going, but I just kept going, and this is where I ended up. lol

I didn’t know how to feel about it, but my teacher was crazy for it, and my classmates oohhhed and ahh-ed.
When I got it home, BSP oooohhhed and ahh-ed too, and immediately started talking about where to hang it.

So, I mounted it, threw some beads and stitches on it, and gave it to BSP as a birthday gift.
BSP still comments on it, and I still don’t know how to feel about it. lol

And so it remains un-named.
Perhaps you can help me name it?

Talk soon. :)


Kit Lang


  1. Gosh - it's lovely Kit! Though I'm useless at naming work so can't help you there!

  2. One of those unexpected, great results I'd say!!

    1. Hi Robbie,

      for some reason, your comment didn't come to my inbox, so I just wanted to say thanks for stopping by and leaving a comment, and thanks re the painting. :)

  3. Kit, Wow, oh wow! This is so successful...beautiful and artistically wonderful. The addition of stitches and beads..just right. The mounting of the piece is spectacular! A name...hmm, seems somehow to call out for a name relating to the moon/luna...any name I would suggest would come from the place eof nature and moon and time..changing...I love the piece and BSP is fortunate, indeed.